New Wizard101 Summer Update!

Jul 1, 2020

Ahoy spiral citizens! The sun is shining and the mercury is rising, which must mean it’s officially the summer season. I’m sure Professor Falmea would agree with me when I say that it’s the best season around, there’s absolutely nothing like a hot magma swim to start your morning off well. Summer also brings a new update to Wizard101 – see below for details on what’s new…..

Character Graphics Update

Consolidating the recent graphical updates to Wizard City and other game aspects, this update brings new character customisations to replace the old ones. Don’t fret, however, the new options are available in the brand new Magic Mirror shop found in the Shopping District of Wizard City. In addition to updated graphical customisations, there’s also some super cool new additions that you can add to your wizard: Face Paintings and Glasses! The graphics definitely look better, and the customisation options available are to you are vast, but some do look quite scary….

The Daily Spiral

When you first log in now, the crowns shop will open and display the “Daily Spiral” page. This page will tell you what your current mainline quest is, the daily assignment quest of the day (which you can also click on to be taken to Aegon Statz in Ravenwood) as well as any currently running events and some curated crowns shop items for your wizard if you wish to spend your crowns on that day.

The Daily Spiral page. If you have no current mainline quest, nothing will show like above.

New Beastmoon Hunt Forms

Have you been participating (and enjoying!) the Beastmoon hunt events? Are you looking for a different form to take on other than what’s currently available? Well with this update there are three (!!) new forms to choose from: The Fire Ninja Pig, Death Cyclopes and Myth Draconian. They all will require the usual upgrading process to reach the higher tiers and levels and better spells for the beastmoon.

Beastmoon Monster Mayhem Event!

This new event incorporates all the fun and competitiveness of the Beastmoon Hunt but puts you up against monsters instead of other wizards, and gives you only a limited amount of time to complete it in! The event works by giving you multiple monsters to fight, ranging from minions on outer lying areas of the map that need to be defeated to unlock the central, more difficult, boss fights (which naturally come with more minion fights!). Defeat all the monsters to earn more points, and if you’re lucky (and smart) enough to defeat the first wave of monsters in the time allotted, there’s also a second wave for you to defeat.

The Beastmoon Monster Mayhem Event uses the Celestia Beastmoon map first. More maps are expected to be added/utulised in future updates.

Level ups and upgrades to Beast forms from the Beastmoon Hunt will carry over to the Beastmoon Monster Mayhem event (and vice versa) so don’t worry about losing any beast form progressions! It must be noted, however, that this event is uniquely challengeing, you’ll need a group of 5 wizards to participate and you need to be well organised with a good strategy, it is not for the faint of heart…..Good Luck!

To check out a teaser of the new beastmoon monster mayhem event, check out this section of the latest KI Live:

This event is currently not in Test Realm as of July 1st, expect to see it added soon!

PvP Improvements

Perhaps the most hotly debated topic in the game is PvP, and how it can be made more fun and less hostile. In a great first step, this update brings some much-needed changes and restrictions on the PVP chat experience. Players are now categorised into Combatants (those in the PvP sigil), Spectators (those watching who are Level 15 and above AND a minimum PvP rank of Sergeant) and outsiders, who are neither. Combatants can only talk to other combatants of the same team, and spectators and outsiders cannot talk with combatants whilst the match is going on.

This *shoul* hopefully deal with harassment and sly tactics in PvP between friends during the match, but as always, if you are being harassed or targeted please contact customer support/report the people in question to help make the spiral safer.

Shadow Pip Changes

In addition to these changes, Shadow Pips are no longer determined by a percentage stat on your character and are now a rating that builds ups until you obtain a pip, and then resets to 0 to then build up again. Shadow-enhanced spells have also been nerfed, details of which can be seen on the update notes, with a comparison between live and test realm shadow spells seen here on this central thread. It appears to be quite a substantial hit to damage across the board, with an exception of the death Winged Sorrow spell getting a slight buff. Particularly of worry to me is the changes to the Myth AoE, which has made an already quite “difficult” school even harder, bringing the spell down on par with humungofrog (which is cheaper, pip wise).

These changes were discussed in a PvP roundtable with Blake PvP and Wizard101 developers, which can be watched below, where the devs talk about the reasoning behind these changes:

It’s important to note that these changes are in test realm, and are subject to change. It might well be a big nerf, but mobs that use these spells have also been nerfed, and the shadow pip rating change has also been changed. These changes could make these spells more useful, or about the same – devs want to avoid OP spells but at the same time avoiding making these higher-level shadow-enhanced spells less useful. See this tweet below on things to check out whilst giving feedback:

I suspect there may be some buffing of these spells based on higher-level gameplay-driven feedback rather than just general outrage at an across the board, but it’s important to get your feedback across as the nerf does seem just a little excessive for higher-level spells. At the moment, mobs are yet to be adjusted, so it may seem a little off balance but do keep an eye on your frequency of shadow pip gains and your understanding of the rating until a further update implements mob changes. Then more holistic feedback can be gathered for more meaningful discussion of changes. Given that the game has been made a little more difficult and more complex strategies needed at higher level content, even for the more seasoned of players, I expect these changes won’t reach live in their current raw test realm forms.

New Lore Spells & Crafting

Interestingly, it appears that a future Celestia themed lore pack is being teased in test realm with the addition of four new lore spells, which you can see below. A new lore pack is to be expected on the event of these updates hitting the live realm, as is normal practice.

As well as these new lore spells, the grizzlheim lore spells are now craftable and available from Grady in the Wyrd:

That’s all for the Summer Update (so far). What do you think of this update? What are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below!



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