Becoming a Knight of the Spiral

With the start of summer and schools letting out, there is a huge influx of younger players enjoying our beloved KingsIsle games. With all these younglings running around the Spiral, needing a safe environment to play, I thought I would encourage us older or more...

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Embracing Your Inner Noob in The Skyways

When KingsIsle hosted “Look-Alike Day” I needed to start a brand new (noob) baby pirate and I had a blast going through the tutorial again. I hadn’t seen these wonderful scenes since Pirate101 started two and a half years ago. So many times I hear the word "Noob" used...

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Embracing Your Inner Noob in The Spiral

When KingsIsle had it’s Look-Alike Day I had to start a brand new account to make my new wizard as my classroom has been full for 6 years. I was beyond enchanted revisiting the old stomping grounds of becoming a noob wizard. (My thanks to Kevin The Noob for stopping...

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