Becoming a Knight of the Spiral

With the start of summer and schools letting out, there is a huge influx of younger players enjoying our beloved KingsIsle games. With all these younglings running around the Spiral, needing a safe environment to play, I thought I would encourage us older or more...

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KingsIsle Look-Alike Day!

Today is National Look-Alike Day!  In celebration, KingsIsle decided to make an awesome meet up on Pirate101 and Wizard101 but there was a catch!   On Wizard101, wizards were asked to make a Taylor Swift character: This meetup had a lot of people and was a lot of fun...

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2014 KingsIsle Recap Post

First off, happy new year!  Hope you all have a wonderful 2015! 2014 was definitely a very big year for KingsIsle with many exciting things that went on for both games!  Here are most of the things that happened throughout 2014.  This will be a path down memory lane...

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